CellImagine is a multi-national company focused on developing the latest applications and services for mobile devices and systems.

Our Mission

Empowering people with useful mobile devices that provide low cost, easy to use reliable and multi-modal communication platform.

Company Profile

CellImagine is a startup company focused on delivering next generation mobile applications and solutions. Our vision is to deliver world class products that focus on customer needs at affordable costs. Our products offer sophisticated capabilities, but easy to use. At the same time, our products are of superior quality and reliability while providing a rich set of features. The CellImagine team consists of experienced professionals who are highly dedicated with diverse backgrounds in the fields of telecomm, wireless, Internet and startup-ups.

Contact Information

For additional information about CellImagine products and services please contact us at:

+1 972-360-7124
+1 972-839-0984
Postal address:
CellImagine LLC
P.O.Box 271666, Flower Mound, TX 75028
Electronic mail:
General Information: info@cellimagine.com
Sales & Customer Support: sales@cellimagine.com